Did anyone buy the Aldi Spiral Spring tap?

Found 25th Oct 2013
Picked one up today and fitting looks like it will be more difficult than I expected due to the existing plumbing. Was wondering if anyone else got this tap and if so, how you getting on with it?

Link to the tap: aldi.co.uk/en/…ap/
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what makes it difficult

what makes it difficult

The existing setup is solid copper all the way to the current tap. There are a number of points off the cold supply (standard washing machine type connections) these are in addition to the washing machine and dish washer.

The main copper pipe up to the tap appears to have been put together with several pieces of pipe and then secured and welded with slightly bigger pipe. I need to put either an isolation valve or non return valve onto this to give a connection point for the tap tails. Unfortunately, due to the way the pipe has been put together, places where I could cut and connect the valve are limited.

Also I don't think there is a way to isolate the hot supply so I guess I would have to drain the tank to fit....
the above vidio gives you a good idea of the job fit you stop valves where is best for you and make up the differance with flexi pipes

what makes it difficult

the supplied flexiible pipes were far to long had tobuy
2 shorter pipes also the cartridge leaked as soon as i turned it on i lost my reciept
aldi sorry no receipt cant help. any spares a from germany i bought in uk £18.50 plus £6.50 for the flexible pipes expensive mistake.wont buy any more unamed goods from aldi

what makes it difficult

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