Did anyone else order Fable 3 from Play and it hasn''t arrived today?

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    Anyone from play?

    Guy opposite me at work had his yesterday from Play - was the collectors edition

    i pre-ordered from play (collectors edition) and it hasnt come yet

    i ordered mine 10 months ago!! from it was posted on tuesday and it still hasnt arrived!
    usally is good with pre-order and i get things a day before its released. im soo **** off. i thought the beauty of pre-order was that your guarenteed a copy on the release date.

    but iv been looking online and alit of people who have pre-ordered with play havnt got it yet

    same here i pre-ordered from play... what a dissapoinment in not recieving it today... what the hell is the pont in pre-ordering something if it arrives later than the release date.. i mean come on i could walk 2 mins down the street and pick up a copy.. but i have to wait for these lazy aholes to get their ass in gear... you take my money so give me my damn game!!! arrrghhh!!!

    if it doesnt come this weekend I'm going to really ****** off. I also ordered from (collectors edition)

    This is why i dont preorder from play anymore, they just seem to slow at posting things out now, shopto all the way!

    i pre ordered mine from they said it ws sent out on wednesday but i still havent recived it!! AARRGGG

    Don't worry if you haven't received it! You aint missing much!
    I just completed it, its got a crappy ending just like the last one!

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    Still not arrived today

    Not good, not good.

    I ordered the Collectors Edition off Play on the 27th, and it hasn't arrived yet
    getting pretty **** off aswell, as there usually good for delivery
    ahh well, suppose as long as i get it, thats all that matters, eh?

    I never order pre orders from play, very slow delivery

    Shopto are the best out there for getting games out early

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    I'm sure the game will be here Monday. It's a shame it didn't get here on release day but not the end of the world.

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    STILL hasn't arrived.

    It is a good game but it's alot more restrictive than say Fable 2 was. I am enjoying the game but i'm not having as much fun as I remember having with Fable 1 and 2.

    God damn it i have pre ordered from aswell and not recieved it yet.... this is stupid i could have bought it at the shop a billion times already!!!! but at least im not the only one. says it has been posted what a lie!!!

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    In Play's defence, this is really a Royal Mail issue as it should have arrived today at least (although still partly's as they should have sent them out a day earlier

    I ordered collectors edition from play too, still waiting. Furious.

    I am so gutted to still not have Fable III. Play have always been spot on it was dispatched last Weds which usually means would be with me Friday (or Sat at worst) .... the beauty of pre-ordering is its there on the day of release. Will be at the supermarket early next time for best price and to get the game in hand!

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    Finally! Mine arrived today. X)

    yay! got mine today!

    Still waiting for pre-ordered Collectors Edition from Play, dispatched 28/10 and still not arrived... grrrrr !!

    Has anyone received their "create a villager" code from play? I bl00dy havent and have sent mails to various addresses about it.

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    i did yeah, before it arrived. Don't worry though, you're not missing out. All that happens is that villager is in the world. There's not really even a mission associated with them apart from 1 where you need to pick something up for them or something pointless like that. Waste of time really and not worth it as an "incentive". Still, Fable 3 is awesome.


    lol at the multi's

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