Did anyone else recieve their free £10 no min spend voucher from tesco direct

got mine, i first thought it was for £10 off £100, but playing about with it, seems like you have to buy something £10 or over which makes it free. which is still kinda no min spend. im happy though : )


where did you get that from?

Yeh please share

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its not for sharing lol, their probably user/account specific anyway, i was wondering if anyone else got one, it was when you had to spend over a £100 for £10 and £50 for £5.

Yeah got mine yesterday. Nothing on there I really want at the moment though. Lets hope they follow the rest and have a big sale :w00t:

For those asking, they did a promo, spend £50 get a £5 voucher and spend £100 get £10.

With QC etc made my laptop under £330.

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yeah thats the one, thought it might be worth puttin post up, as they sent emails out, so just check ya emails and its probably in there. Yeah expiry is summat decent like 21st or 24th of december so im just gonna wait.

when did you get the email ? Nothing for me yet unless I've deleted it by accident.

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yesterday i think it was, or day before, i only got round to checking mail yesterday, so it hasnt been long

hummm I got one yesterday but it just says £5 off £50 spend & I though it was only groceries?

does it have this blurb at the top of the email or is it a diferent mail your talking about?

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ill go check now

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no it doesnt, soz

lol - thanks for checking - I'll wait to see if anything else turns up.

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