Did anyone get tickets for Afrika Afrika tonight?

    I have made so much effort to get to the show tonight - babysitter, sort dinner early, etc, BUT NO TICKETS!

    Applied for the free tickets yesterday but heard nothing back

    Did anyone else get theirs? Anyone got any spare cos they aint going?

    I would be SOOO grateful!


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    Its tuesday now they are taking bookings for. I have booked already but it is just too much effort to go to and then not be able to go.


    A bit more notice at least.

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    A bit more notice at least.

    No it's not, You can book now but won't know if you will be getting tickets till like 4pm on the day of the show!

    I applied on Sunday, got a confirmation email (which didn't actually make sense) and haven't heard from them about the show tonight (Tuesday April 8th). I also emailed their ticket email address and asked specifically about the tickets for tonight... still no reply (at 5:30 on the same day as the show).

    Maybe I'm silly to still be hoping, but at this point, I've already promised family in town that we're going, and I'm going to have to ask at the door. Risky and would have much preferred to simply know yes or no properly!

    Wish me luck... will post again tomorrow and tell you what happened.

    Good Luck! Applied for tickets as well, didnt hear anything.

    Hi there, I posted yesterday and said I'd come back and tell you what happened with tickets.

    Well - they never did reply by email regarding free tickets, even after I sent another email to the box office requesting help (their phone number was not london based).

    I risked it, and took my mother to the show. We left early and arrived about 45 mins before the show. I saw a small box-office caravan on the left hand side, just after getting out of the tube station, after following the "Afrika, Afrika" signs. I brought out a print out of the first email (and a big smile). They had no tickets there, but recommened I walk to the main tent and pick up my tickets there (good sign).

    We had to walk for ages (!) around the O2 center (they say 10mins... but it feels like forever) before arriving at the Afrika, Afrika tents (actually directly on the other side of the dome). I told the security guy I was here to pick up tickets, and it was quite quiet and he didn't mind letting me through. I went into the big red tent, and on the left hand side is a small booth set up for ticket pick ups. I explained that I had never received a second email, and would like 2 tickets for tonights show. They checked a (very long) list of last names (people who've registered on the email system I think) and gave me two tickets priced £49 each! No questions, no problems, didn't even need any print out.

    The show itself was fabulous, but only half-full, which is really ashame, considering the quality and professionalism of the performers. I'd urge everyone who isn't sure about tickets to go there regardless - they are at least 100 seats empty at the performance I went to, and I think it actually helps the performers to see a bigger audience. It seems risky, but even if you haven't been allocated offical tickets, or haven't received a second email (like me). If all you need are 2 tickets... it's worth going early and asking nicely. There's a good chance you'll get to see this great show, for free!

    Good luck

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    That's excellent - good for you!

    I really considered doing this when exactly the same thing happened to me, but I knew how long it would be to travel and the hugely long walk and didn't want to risk embarrassing myself!
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