Did anyone have issues pre-ordering the iPhone Pro Max yesterday?

Posted 7th Nov 2020
I had been planning on ordering the Pro Max since it was announced, following every launch date/time, so that it would arrive in time for a birthday. Myself and my partner both wanted to order one, decided on the Apple Store since I assumed it was most reliable, and you could register interest then pre-approve finance, which I thought would give an optimal chance of getting it on time. I even setup the Siri reminder that they offer.

I feel daft but I took time off work yesterday for an hour to make sure my pre order went through at 1pm. However the iOS store app was down, as well as the website on a Mac for at least 15 minutes. After constantly refreshing both, I managed to get to checkout, but it would not let me place the order, it kept giving me an error and to call a number. I must have tried an uncountable number of times. Tried calling the support number, but the number didn't work. Finally at 1:26pm the order went through!

But, it says I'll get the phone on 30th November. Which is beyond the launch date on the order so that it would arrive in time for the birthday My partners order is the same.

I was disappointed, then to make things worse found out that others had no problem ordering via Apple and have launch date deliveries scheduled. Plus others ordered at retailers like Argos with no issue (Plus Nectar points!!). What a mess!

Of course now pre-orders everywhere will be December-January.

Did anyone else have trouble, how did you get on with your pre-orders and how did you pre-order?
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