Did anyone here watch a match of Ivory coasts in the WC?…jpg

    was the printing like this on their shirts?


    I'm guessing no.......

    Google images?

    The letting is that shape but not with that discolouring.…155

    What website did you get it from?

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    soccertriads and they have said its supposed to be like that... X)

    its wierd that both the numbers have the exact same discolouring


    its wierd that both the numbers have the exact same discolouring

    Yeah, I thought that. I must admit I have only seen the lettering online/tv but it has always looked like solid white numbering to me.

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    even the numbers on the front have the discolour

    You could maybe ring up someone reputable like kitbag or subside and ask what theirs are like?

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    ive found a pic of drogba playing in the world cup and you cant see any bird droppings like you said - i think it is the design but its discoloured

    All the wc teams with Puma kits have the same style lettering, did you buy any other Puma ones that you could compare?

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    Its a shame because i know its fake and thats why i got it super cheap but take away the crappy lettering and its an amazing copy.
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    is there a wc patch on it?

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    Nope didnt want one

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    Hi Jack,

    The font I have sent you is correct. It’s the official one that the players wear.



    Looks like they are taking me for a mug, wont be ordering from these again.

    lol they are fakes at the end of the cant expect everything to be ultra accurate. Thats why Ive gone for no numbered shirts on my order from bornprosper just incase they mess up the texts etc and its just hassle to send it back to china or wherever they're based

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    Yah, this ivory coast shirt is a very top notch fake apart from the crappy text, so if i can remove the text somehow ill be a happy bunny.
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