Did anyone know Amtrak parcels had gone into administration?

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Found 28th Aug 2008
I've been waiting for a delivery for work and have just found out that Amtrak have gone into administration as of the 22nd August so my parcel wont be arriving!!! Luckily for me it wasnt important for my work and I didnt pay for it but there must be lots of people out there waiting for stuff in transit. No news as to what is happening to it or where it is as far as I know
Grateful for updates if anyone knows

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No i didn't.

But i also heard SVP are in the mire and will be bought by UKDvdr

I just returned a defective LCD TV back to Empire Direct last week. Hope it got sent...will have to phone Empire Direct tomorrow.

yep, but they went bust 2 years ago and got bought out too, so I wouldn't be too worried. I think I read that the parent company are still running the vans for the time being.

Yeah, my work uses them and as of Tuesday we heard they're in administration. If you call to get parcels collected the repo people answer and tell you to book online.


yup..heard it at work



SVP have been bought out already.

There we go then...........that was quick. :lol:

I've heard CityLink are going to take over
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