Did anyone on here watch Monk Season 7 on Hallmark tonight?

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Found 29th Nov 2009
Just wondering.

What did you think?

I watched the second one but missed the first one.

Monk is classic man, best programme around. Psych aswell.

Great stuff. US are on Season 9 currently, and the last ever episode is gonna be aired their on Friday night. We are a whole season behind lol.


Didnt know it had started!

Last series I have seen is 6 (DVD set), got all the dvds and books.

It was AWESOME as always lol - I love Mr Monk :-) - and warned everyone (incl the kids !!) that I wasnt speaking to anyone from 6pm till 8 tonight !!!!

Roll on next Sun eve :-)

Not sure if this is a legit website or not ...so be very wary about what you install or download ....but it appears you may be able to watch them all here :

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