Did anyone order the PS3 off Deal of the day (EBAY)?

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Found 20th Oct 2010

Am just wondering if any of you ordered the PS3 from Ebay deal of the day last week came with Medal of Honor.

Just mine hasnt arrive and been calling them the last 3 days to say its going to be despatched in the next 24 hours but when i call again the next day still nothing and not been despatched

Have any of you recieved theres?


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is there a link?

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There is no link now the deal has finished it was last wk !

What's the sellers Ebay Id ?

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Member ID zavvi_outlet ( Feedback score of 49771)
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Oh noooo not Zavvi,they are sooooooo slow.


Zavvi were quick when they did the 360 DOTD recently. People had them within 24-48 hours.

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Been a week nearly now, very annoying !

A lot of peole have issues with slow postage,it says it all in feedback.

Just sit and wait,hopefully it'll just turn up!



A lot of peole have issues with slow postage,it says it all in feedback.

I've never used the outlet but i know that the normal Zavvi are slow. Although those that got the DOTD a few weeks ago for the 360 were getting them really quick...............must have had a work experience kid in the warehouse that week X)

It's hit and miss with these large companies it seems on Ebay.

zavvi ebay outlet are the same as zavvi called them up to cancel an outlet order and they spoke to the ebay outlet person for me sitting a couple of feet away and all was sorted no probs so just call zavvi

Zavvi are slow, but offer good prices, want it quick buy from shopto etc, Simples!!!
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