Did anyone think that the HUKD Whatsapp message was odd...........

    Regarding the Mother comment?


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    Must be just me then oO

    what did it say

    I did. I guess a joke amongst the mods.

    mods are hilarious!!!! ha

    i don't use the app as my phone is big enough to browse hukd as a website. don't get the joke if it is one.

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    Sounds like something a juvenile would say,very bizarre I thought.

    hilarious. Exactly the kind of banter I'd imagine too

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    hilarious. Exactly the kind of banter I'd imagine too

    Yeah,between the staff,not included on a whatsapp message,rather unprofessional I thought.

    Hugely unprofessional. This is a business, people are making money from it. That's not the way to behave.

    X) I can't hlp but laugh. That is just ridiculous.

    "Top bants" oO

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