Did anyone try to order cheap double mattress from Marshall Ward

    I placed an order and thought I might just get a bargain, then today I recieved a letter to say that my card had been declined and i may have been because I inputted my card details wrong!!!!

    So I got on the phone to them and asked if I could reorder, the advisor checked and it was still in stock but £100 more? I questioned what and basically she told me in not so many words that they had cocked up on the price and covered it up be saying the card was declined.

    Good old Mashall Ward thanks for nothing lol


    Its happened a few times to me with these misprice deals, theres nothing you can do though, I have learnt to to expect that any will be honoured, that way its a nice surprise if they are.

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    yeah true I suppose its worth a try. Like you say if it does arrive its a bonus

    The Law Has Changed Report Them To Trading Standards:)

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    Thing is they will get out of it be saying me card was declined due to my inputting error and I cant prove that it wasnt an error!


    I ordered one too

    The money came out my account a week ago. I only received the email today stating that it was a misprice and they dont need to honour it clause blah blah on the terms and conditions etc etc

    They havent refunded my money yet though

    I ended up ordering 3 different mattresses.

    The single mattress I ordered for my sis-in law got cancelled.

    The king size I ordered for us still says 'order accepted' next to it.

    The memory foam king size I ordered cos I only saw if after I ordered the first king size is still blank next to it so haven't cancelled the other one yet.

    So don't know what's happening? Don't want to phone and ask in case I bring it to their attention and potentially make my self worse off - will just wait and see what happens.

    If they have accepted the card payment for the transaction then surely this was not an invitation to treat but a case of offer and acceptance. Therefore they are legally obliged to honour this deal. I received the same email, but I'm going to try and get this mattress since as far as no they have no legal right to refuse me doing so.

    I received the same letter today and phoned them up because I knew there was no way my card could have been declined. Anyhoo, after speaking to three different people and being told at first that there was no outstanding order on my account and that there was no record of any order made (duh so why did you send me the letter then dumbo) to finally being told by a second that I could reissue payment there and then if i wanted to then being told by the last that I WOULD get a price adjustment on my credit card once goods has been delivered and going as far as to say that the order DOES showing on my account page at the discount price but to enable me to reorder I would have to pay the current catalogue price because they were not permitted to put it through at that price but they are able to readjust the charge later.

    If it does not get readjusted no biggie they can take back their mattress and give me ALL my money back!

    The Sale of Goods Act is in place to stop this happening, companies are not allowed to get away with advertising prices and then changing their minds on them after the sale has gone through. If they didn't charge your card in the first place, then fine, but charging your card means you have a contract of sale - they cannot back out of it.

    can anybody guide me where to complain regardinh this

    This happened to also.
    Got an letter stating card details were wrongly entered.
    Called them an got the same response as eerybody else.
    I have the screenshots of the order.

    i had same issue with two mattress ordered, one to my house one to mums, they cancelled them and then tried to say i had cancelled! i got re assurance from a customer servoce woman who checked via her manager at the time that if i reordered it and when arrived rang up there would be a note on my account to say the price was to be adjusted.
    i waited on the delivery mums one (single mattress) came first had massive problems with them when i rang for price adjustment, told them to come get the mattress, they told me it would take 3 weeks to collect.
    after a hour or so of cursing and spitting i rang back and told them i wasnt happy to wait 3 weeks for collection, woman was very understanding and asked what was wrong with the goods, i told her nothing just that marsall ward had messed me around with their empty promises blah blah ...
    by this time i had read thier terms and conditions, they were in fact in breach of the point at 3.2 stating they will inform you before confirmation email if there has been an error and give you the option to cancell or proceed with it corrected.
    I had both automated email and confirmation and money taken from card. no letter in post no phone call no email of price error.
    When i stated the breach i was placed on hold and eventually some long time later was told that the price will be adjusted. it was and i have paid for my single mattress, the kingsize is currently due for delivery withing the next week as i had to get a replacement as the delivery drivers split the plastic and dragged it through their greasy lorry.
    dont take no rubbish form them , find out your rights and push till the break if you know your right.

    Contact Trading Standards. If its happened to everyone, then surely the would notice that somethings wrong :thumbsup:
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