Did anyone watch 'Medicine men go wild' on channel 4?

    The programme that was on yesterday, in North East Russia (?)

    I was interested in that calorie counter thingy that the doctor was wearing on his arm - does anyone know what it's called or where I could get one?


    I did watch it - mainly because i was in it - i was one of the doctors. The monitors can be found at this website: they're mainly marketed to doctors (as they're pretty expensive) to help them work with their patients to loose weight. I think they're a few hundred quid each. They have 2 componenets- a pedometer and a device wich i think it called a hot wire anemometer (though this may be wrong) which measures blood flow and temperature. they do work very well and the data they give is more detailed than from a pedometer - just much more expensive! They also know whether you're lying down or sitting and a few other clever things. The website shoudl explain it better than me!…php

    anyway the company loaned us 3 monitors for the show and they'll be delighted that there has been some interest!

    good luck, All the best


    Original Poster

    Aah wow, thank you! We find your show very interesting - just happened to land on it one evening and went from there.

    Seems a good product, but unfortunately out of my price range

    Welcome - and have some rep!

    Now you are here, make sure you check out the deals, you hear? :giggle:
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