did anyone watch susan boyle ***edit last night?***

Found 14th Dec 2009
i thought and think she is brilliant and honestly doesnt understand how good she is but god love her she is doing well and all the best to her as you couldnt say otherwise.
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Yes I watched it Shaz. I reckon cause we are Scottish we feel bit more supportive towards her. Seeing the flashbacks to the day of the BGT final u could see the poor woman was ill - was awful. Simon has been great and u could tell he was genuinely concerned about her.

If people realise that she has learning difficulties and a bit slower than most, then they would be a bit more understanding.

Good luck to her and I hope she keeps going
a know a think thats how i feel more as i work in that field also or i can do if you know what a mean but yes i do think simon has been helping her and i hope it continues for her sake she does deserve it and it will keep her occupied.
Not sure if Simon Cowell is genuine, or genuinely shocked by people's reaction to his part in all of this.

Funny how we have the Susan Boyle affair, and good luck to her, and then X Factor no longer have the "oddball contestants" singing a number on finals night. He's just realised what bad taste it all is.

Last night they said the Susan Boyle story had a happy end. Unfortunately it hasn't ended. I expect the poor woman to be manipulated for years to come, both professionally and personally. On the programme she mentioned she may meet the right partner. Well, they'll be queueing up now and how many will have her best interests at heart
i didnt see it, but her version of Wild Horses is superb :thumbsup:
i'm all x talent, next best singer overloaded, who's who anymore......
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