did anyone watch the brits last night ?

    what on earth was going on with amy winehouse ,sharon ozborne and many others the show was a complete farce and paul mccartney never helped either much to my dismay .what did everyone else think of it ?


    It was rubbish

    :lol::lol:only watched bits of it but the arctic monkeys were so funny - good on the lads - methinks it was a bit of a parody for the benefit of 'brit school' brats - as well as a few bottles of becks

    i wasnt overly impressed, and without the osbournes think it would of really dull.

    i love amy winehouses music but couldnt make my mind up on her......chris moyles was talking about her this morning...saying how thing her legs look, didnt slate her sorta his own way....thought she done well.

    apart from "takethat" the show wasnt great imo.

    also "artic monkeys" great to watch

    So glad I recorded it and watched it afterwards... fast forwarded through most of it...

    I dont watch Kack:thumbsup::|

    I like the interesting collaborations they usually have but wasn't blown away this year, I thought Mark Ronson's bit was good. I'm not a huge fan of Amy Winelodge but I thought she looked really nervous when she first came out - I felt a bit sorry for her but think she pulled off a great performance.

    Sharon Osbourne made me laugh when she was ranting at the Arctic Monkeys and as she walked off stage you could hear her shouting "What the hell have that lot come as?" lol
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