Did Derren Brown stick you to your seat


    It didn't work for me!!


    nope, nor my daughter.

    Didn't expect it to though, I don't like the guy. lol

    daughter was all expectant though! lol

    Like most his stuff, its a load of bo**ox.

    sameee nothing !!!!

    Nothing for me

    yer did do whilst you watched it didnt ya

    nothing! :(.. was pretty open minded about the whole thing... but i guess it only works for the extremely suggestable..


    Like most his stuff, its a load of bo**ox.

    +1 nah... utter poop!

    He's a nob haha watched it again on +1 and still nothing

    I used to like him until that lotto fiasco.

    I was hopeing lol....:-D


    nope didnt work, loada rubbish phone in scam

    also may I add, the guy that was sat by himself who apparently couldnt move how did he pick up the phone and dial? and at the same time turn down his Tv?

    as with all the callers I couldnt hear any tv sets in the background noise!!

    strange and irritating man, just tell us what the hell mentally are you doing apart from driving half the nation crazy, lol.

    He wants you to believe I guess and seeing others do it your mind is mentally going insane!

    I can also gurantee most the audiences are in on his illusions.

    itsa mind f***

    ...a load of balls

    ... sorry that was last weeks!

    (check youtube for derren lottery to see how it was done - *GENUINE* )

    link -…aiM

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