Did I get a poor Virgin Media deal?

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I'm currently paying 46 quid pm for 150mb and phone line. I phoned yesterday to get a better deal. Normally money gets knocked off straight away. This time not so much.

Apparently 150mb no longer exists so I could have 100 or 200mb. After the lady offered various very small discounts I asked about removing the phone line as I never use it. I ended up with 200mb broadband only for 42 quid approx pm

So is that a good deal? It may well be. I was hoping for 30 something. What are you guys paying?

I guess I can call back and cancel that deal or try and get a better one. I do want to stay with VM anyway

Thanks for any help
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I pay £19.25 a month for 150mb broadband only, although that is going up £2.99 with the latest price rise apparently but a free speed increase to 200mb when available.
No you need to cancel and wait for retentions to phone a few days later. Or be prepared to move to a new provider.
I pay £34 a month with BT for BB phone & BT sports in HD on my sky box & I got £150 prepared mastercard when signing up you minus that off the monthly cost works out about £22pm
On their website 200mb only, no phone line is £43/month.

But the Player bundle with 500 channel TV, phone line and 100mb is £33/month.

I'd give them a call back and see what they'd do this package for you. Doubt you would really notice much difference between 100 and 200mb.

It appears people are offered very variable deals. I suspect what dictates the price is what quality alternative service you could get. I can only get 4-8mb with BT as BT fibre is not installed and I suspect Virgin use this data along with your historic usage to identify how likely you are to leave. productsandservices.bt.com/pro…er/
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I have 2 tivo boxes and a v6 200 mb sky sports and xl tv package and pay £95pm
I pay £32 for 100mbps, Unlimited calls to mobile & landline plus basic TV
mcchill8 h, 53 m ago

I have 2 tivo boxes and a v6 200 mb sky sports and xl tv package and pay …I have 2 tivo boxes and a v6 200 mb sky sports and xl tv package and pay £95pm

Thanks all. Looks like I need to call back and try again
chocci31 m ago

Terrible price

I thought it was good 3 boxes xl tv package bt sport and sky sports and medium phone line not forgetting 200 mb broadband
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