Did you know samsung phones bought on amazon are not covered by samsung warranty

Posted 24th Jan 2018
Even though Amazon and the amazon market sellers swear on their mothers' grave that it is.. here is I got from samsung chat:

"...However, we really would not be able to send the device for repair as you have bought it through Amazon. We will not be able to know if the device you have with you is manufactured in the UK or in a different region. As such, our warranty will be unable to cover for the repair. Since, there would be most likely differences in parts that are inside the device. An example of this is the type of chipset that we use. Depending on where the device was manufactured, it would have a different chipset inside. The differences in parts is due to the legal restrictions.

What we can only do for you, since the device was bought from Amazon, is to provide you troubleshooting steps and other options. However, we really would not be able to send the device for repair."

Has anyone been through this? bought a samsung device from amazon and had problems with it?
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