Did you know? XP contains a FREE Outlook Express Backup Software

    How often do you back up your pc files or complete hard drive contents? Most dont do it at all till its too late and then wish they had.

    To get you started how about backing up your outlook express mail data, you would be lost without it wouldnt you.

    This helpful page shows you how to use XP's File and Settings Transfer Wizard to copy the data from OE to somewhere else just in case…htm Go here

    Here's another Free method that stores all the files seperately so you can just put back what you need.…tml Free and here

    Hope this helps someone.


    Thanks Mike First link didn't work but it does now...

    Very useful and something I keep meaning to do but never get round to it.

    Yeah, try to back up as much as possible:


    You can save emails from AOL too!! If you want a link on that I can find you one. To backup bookmarks from IE I think you go to the file menu and click on "export".

    I recently lost a hard drive full of 6 months-worth of un-backed-up stuff!! I should have learnt my lesson by now. It seems to happen to so many people!!

    Original Poster

    I dont have AOL Ducky so go ahead and post it

    I have one of those 250gig Buffalo drive stations that were going for £80 something recently. I use that with Norton Ghost as a dedicated backup drive for the whole of my raid array.
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