Did you pass your Practical Driving test 1st time?

Found 9th Aug 2009
Just thought I'd ask since I'm about to do mine in a month or so.

Also, any advice would be great!
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yes :thumbsup:
also when you do it, dont think about passing or failing, just drive, and not think about the result, jut be like if yo fail, you fail, if you pass you pass, you can always take it again needs be :thumbsup:
No, 6th time:thumbsup:
yes .......

advice - don't crash
no almost ran over an oap first time second i passed with 3minors
i passed 2nd time....

first time i was doin great was 2 mins from test center on way back when i clipped a wing mirror in a narrow street doh automatic fail.. worst bit was i only had 1 minor grrrr
Yes and HGV but failed motorcycle 2 times.
Good luck and dont worry
practical = 1st time
thoery = 1st time
yeh passed both tests first time, just try to relax and enjoy the pressure
passed my pratical first time

even thou the examiner was 20 mins late i did a short drive around the test centre, 1 manovere(sp) :lol:
and pulled up to the kerb 3 times :lol:
Passed mine first time after 7 lessons. Mind you, I had been riding a motorbike for a few years and that definitely gives you an appreciation for the dangers of the road and, IMHO, makes you a better driver.
Yes passed mine first time although I did cancel my first test date, I didnt tell anyone except my mom when my test was. Try not worry to much about it think you know yourself if your ready to take it, easier said than done but dont get to nervious take a few deep breaths. Good luck
I passed first time. The best advice I EVER got from my instructor is, you can never wear your mirrors out from overuse.

So make sure your examiner sees you looking in your mirrors. I exaggerated my head motions slightly so he saw me checking them.

Also when your pulling away from your emergency stop, make sure you check both sides of the car as you're probably in the middle of the road.

p.s. the last lesson I had before my test I drove the wrong way up a one way street. :-)
im also got my test soon, ill deffo pass it first time.
yes, I passed both in 1 month, i started learning in july, passed before aug
Me 2nd time:roll: practical not about
Daughter 8th time:w00t: think I would have given up, practical 2nd time
Other Daughter 2nd time:roll: practical 2nd
Son 1st time:) practical

Good luck with your's:)
black gerbil1;5973320

yes, I passed both in 1 month, i started learning in july, passed before … yes, I passed both in 1 month, i started learning in july, passed before aug

Lol sounds a bit optimistic!
yes with 2 minors women driver see
good luck!!! on yours x
Yes but i only took an auto test

Lol sounds a bit optimistic!

maybe intensive course? my cousin took all their lessons in a week and had their test a few days after i think. failed though :-D

I passed first time. had a nice easy route, just had to cruise around the country side! got 7 minors, most for going too slow (didn't know what the speed limit was so stuck to 30mph :-D)

i second the advice about always checking your mirrors and making it obvious.
can't hurt to look in them too much (within reason!) but if you don't check them when pulling out or something - auto fail!!
yep, only 2 minors
Yeah, first time here...
yeah 1st time but it was 27 years ago
good old bsm lol

any way good luck with the tests :thumbsup:
car and bike first time
I passed first time in the car although I know plenty of people who were caught out in unexpected situations that ended up not passing first time.

If you do make a mistake such as stalling the car, don't panic as that's when you can turn a minor error into a test fail. Never rush and grab the controls, instead think carefully through what you need to do then carry it out in a calm and controlled manner.

Yes and that was with a skid during the emergency stop. I hit a patch of diesel and the examiner said that because I conrolled the car she was only going to give me a minor instead of a fail.
Yes, first time for both. Try and get as many hours in as you can before hand, with a friend or family member maybe and have a good tour of the test route/ area. Even if you can't drive around it - try and get to know the area and traffic around that time of day to know what to expect.
Use your mirrors a lot and stay as calm as you can - panic will not help you at all.

Good luck.
1st time but there was no theory test thank god lol.
Mind you it was 18 years ago :?
I passed both 1st time.

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