Did your £100 Quidco track for the o2 Simplicity deal recently?

    Did yours track? Mine didn't and am currently waiting to see if my enquiry is successful. Be interested to see how many peoples' didn't and if their enquiries succeed.


    yeah mine tracked and have been paid

    I went for the £20 a month deal and mines tracked at £23.33 and £100, the £23.33 has gone now but the £100 is there still at the minute.

    Not automatically, I had to raise a ticket. It has been added now though.

    Still fairly new to quidco and havn't made any withdrawals yet.
    Mine says this:

    Tracked/Pending Added Validated Received Paid Declined Total
    Oct 09 2.69 2.69
    Sep 09 4.65 2.25 £6.90
    Aug 09 100.08 2.84 £102.92

    So i guess it's tracked but not been received?
    Do you think i will get it?

    Aug 09
    Tracked//pending 100.08
    Received 2.84
    Total 102.92
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