Didgital Camera

    Need a good deal on a digital camera folks please, good optical lense aswell and mega pixel.
    Whats the best make etc ?

    all replys greatly appreciated, max spen £200 maybe bit more lol



    saxo - take a quick look back through the deal requests - there have been quite a few deal requests for digital cameras lately. Please also search in the forum.

    My Friend has just bough this from Jessops:-:thumbsup:

    Samsung Digimax L85
    £249.99 inc Vat…spx#detail

    [*]8.1 megapixels
    [*]5x optical zoom
    [*]Large 2.5" TFT LCD
    [*]World's first HDMI-enabled camera
    [*]Full manual control
    [*]Wide mode
    [*]Motion capture mode
    [*]MPEG4 movie mode with sound[/LIST]8.1 megapixels, 5x Optical zoom
    The Samsung Digimax L85 is equipped with an 8.1 mega-pixel high-resolution 1/1.8"CCD, for natural colour tones, producing a superior quality image. In addition, the Digimax L85 features a Schneider 5x optical zoom with 8x digital zoom lens providing up to 40x zoom capability.

    Large 2.5" LCD screen
    With the large 2.5"LCD, you can capture a bright and clear image of a subject and enjoy the pleasure of shooting and viewing at the same time. With the wide-view LCD, you can view an image with others up to 180° horizontally and vertically.

    The world's first HDMI camera
    By adapting HDMI(High Definition Multimedia Interface) to a digital camera the Digimax L85 helps you to share your valuable memories with other family members through pictures. High Definition Multimedia Interface(HDMI) function lets you view an image on a large HDTV(High Definition Television) screen without compromising its resolution. Furthermore, with its remote control, you can view images ona HDTV more easily and simply.

    Advanced Movie function
    The powerful video capability of the Digimax L85 delivers a "camcorder like experience". For a more enhanced movie shooting experience, the Digimax L85 uses MPEG-4, the high-compression, high-quality video format, which can record for up to 3-4 times longer than the traditional video mode formats. With powerful video recording in VGA(640X480) at 30fps, it provides a wide screen view and clear video quality. These movies can even be viewed on the HDTV(High Definition Television). It also includes image stabilization, continuous shooting and creating / self-editing of a video still image (JPEG). Optical zoom is also available during video recording.

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    Yeh just been doing that emma

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    that looks one mean camera, pity i didnt have an HD tv mate lol
    looks really good tho and with discount 224

    The picture quality is outstanding. Makes my Fujipix look right naff. :sad:


    Have a look at:]

    Yeah, we've mentioned that one in the forums before, that's why I always think it's a good idea to search the forums before you start a deal request.


    Welcome to the forums goffer
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