Die-cast Model cars?

    Does anyone no what websites sell cheapest ones becuase they have always been expensive. Sizes: 1:18 to 1:24


    i used to live very near a fantastic little shop that had model cars and trains etc they have a website ]http//ww…tml

    not sure if they list everything but i regularly used to buy model cars for my son here and i never thought them expensive.

    I live in a small village not that far from Edinburgh and we have a small shop who stock just what you are after I think. They do 1:18 and 1:24 scale die cast cars, figurine etc. My son buys F1, Porsche, Astons, Ferrari etc and for the size of the small shop they have a fantastic selection and all at fabulous prices. They do trains and loads of other stuff as well. Very friendly and good to deal with. Very reasonably priced.

    Doesn't have a website that I'm aware of but if you're interested i could ask if he's happy for me to pass on his details to you. (Can't think why he wouldn't be but it's only courtesy for me to ask)
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