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Found 17th Aug 2007

I's not really a deal i'm after but just a question that some of you may know the answer. Anyonme know where i can buy Diesel Jeans online that are 34 waist and 30 leg. I know they sell them in 'some' shops but i am really desperate and want to order some online asap.

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They have 3 pairs in the size you want.
I have checked ASOS and M&MDirect and they not got the size in you want. Perhaps try the home shopping catalogues too as they may sell them too.
Keep away from eBay as a lot of fake goods on there.Even with how cheaper America is compared to here,a friend of mine from there bought some Diesel jeans and they were fake and got sent back to seller.

check out sale page too as I don't know if when I sized by brand it included sale items in results.
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Thanks for you help. I did order the 'Kardeef' one's from USC but wasn't happy at the fit which is unusal for Diesel Jeans. I might take a look at the others you have pointed out or take a trip to Selfridges in Manchester!

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House of Fraser may sell them too and try Fenwicks if you have one in Manchester,not been there so not familar with whats there.
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