Diesel Smell On Boat

    A few months ago I spilt 5 ltrs of diesel in the engine compartment on my boat I got it all mopped up but it still smells of diesel I think it may have soaked into the fibreglass as if wee stay over when we get home our clothes smell of it I have put down cat litter in engine bay and hovered it up but still smells is there anything I can use I have tried all types of smellies but it still gets on your clothes and bedding


    few suggestions on this forum.. just be careful though, inhaling diesel fumes into your lungs is a bit of a health hazard…tml

    Wash with washing up liquid and hot water. Lots of soap though. Let dry and try to Spray with Febreze. Use air freshener. Pound shop after shave. Anything. You tried the above?

    I also read Listerine mouth wash might do the trick.. hope any of that is of use to you.

    Assuming you washed all cloth material in the boat, bedding, seats etc. Try pouring warm water/fairy liquid in the bilge of each journey remembering to pump it out, also toilet duck is a good favourite.
    Unfortunately its a long process eliminating the smell by constant cleaning.

    You need good fanning to ventilate away the vapours or just use a match to light a candle to see where the greatest smell is coming from?

    Hire an Ozone generator, it will get rid of smells form spillages you can't access
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    Neutradol air fresheners are pretty effective for diesel smellss

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    Thank you everybody for the replies will try a few of the suggestions hopefully one way or another it will go
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