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    I'm looking to lose some weight, well more than some, lots, very overweight! I lost 1.5 stone from exercise and drinking protein shakes, I don't think I was putting on much muscle, but then I gave up and put it all on again. I used the regular whey powder from protein works and discount supplements, mostly because it was cheap, are there any cheaper or better whey proteins to use? Any other slimming supplements? I was reading about raspberry ketones at one stage but then saw everyone was calling them a scam.


    Try powdered porridge oats for brekky. mixed with milk its very filling and their dirt cheap. I add a scoop of protrin powder to mine aswell but the calories are still very loe and much better for you than sugar loaded cereal! I get mine from protein works and they are easy to mix. I think you can get flavoured versions aswell.

    I use myprotein....not the diet stuff though. Its very good value for money. get yourself over to the forums for great advice on exercise and weight loss. I would not recommend slimming supps, basically over-priced rubbish. Get lifting heavy and track your calories in and out. Its not an overnight thing, it takes time and effort but it is worth it. Work out your TDEE and go from there

    try sworkit lite free app and drink lots of water.

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    I bought a 2kg bag strawberries n cream from protein works, had 15% off but had to pay postage. Need to start exercising again now, I only have some dumbells and an exercise bike. I have diabetes and another condition that makes me feel low energy when I don't eat as much as normal, which is annoying. I may have another look at myprotein a bit more expensive but you get more in a bag. I'll check that app out too. Thanks all

    My protein is probably the best value and it's good quality. Just ordinary whey protein is fine mixed with water or skimmed milk. 2/3 maximum a day as you should be getting most of your nutrients from whole foods as whey is simply a supplement.
    Also don't under eat either as it will hinder weight loss.

    Lots of smaller meals spread out 2/3 hours apart is good practice. It keeps your metabolism working efficiently and helps weight loss and keeps muscle loss at a minimum.
    Personally I have 8 'meals' a day, but I class protein shakes as a meal.
    5 meals (and shake with breakfast) and two shakes (one immediately post workout and casein before bed.

    Really it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you aren't overeating and are keeping within your macros (protein, carbs and fats).
    There are plenty of calculators and apps that will work out your macro needs for the day.
    The general rule I use for weight loss while minimising muscle wastage is: work out my total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), and then take 300-500 calories off this. Any more of a calorie deficit and your metabolism will slow down and your body will start to eat into your muscles for fuel.
    I'm currently aiming for 3000 calories a day split into my desired macro ratio (eg. P/C/F 40/35/25).

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    Thanks for the advice fonzie
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