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    Anyone ever tried diet supplements or slimming pills? Ive always been a chunk and i put on more weight when i was pregnant. Im not a fad dieter and im not into fat clubs. Ive lost about 3st through just healthy eating and daily walks and id still like to lose about another 3st but i feel as if my metabolism has ground to a halt. Im a full time mum part time call centre monkey. I look after my 2 year old during the day and shes not interested in a buggy any more so my daily power walk has turned into a frustrating shuffle. I do a bit of yoga and I go swimming when i can but i work most nights in an office. I sometimes suffer from nasty siatica so extreme excercise is out of the question until its better (and until there are more hours in the day!). I know that things will pick up a bit the bigger and stronger the little un gets and when she starts nursery, but im worried the weight is going to start creeping back on during this lull and ruin my hard work so far. Im starting to feel sluggish and demotivated. Can anyone recommend a short fix metabolism booster? Rep for genuine help

    in b4 glue my mouth shut etc


    plenty of sex ..... ?? not a question - but a suggestion lol

    Well done on losing so much already:thumbsup:, no idea about the pills, always sound bad to me, stick to your healthy methods I think.:)

    treatment for sciatica is regular exercise amongst other things

    no quick fixes I am afraid,healthy eating,exercise and lifestyle change are the only things guaranteed to work in the long term

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    I get my share of sexercise

    I hear what youre saying about lifestyle change, just now my lifestyle revolves around a 2 year old, i can take her swimming but i can get in the laps i need, we go walking but like i say its more a shuffle. Im not really looking for a quick fix (i came to terms with that a long time ago!), just a short term boost.

    Some foods/drinks are supposed to increase your metabolism more than others, like green tea, brocolli etc. No idea if it's true or not, but you can eat plenty of them and not feel guilty!!

    Try Sida Cordifolia, blend of herbal extracts and meant to be good at boosting metabolism. Started mine last week & dropped 7lbs so far (mixed with good eating & exercise).

    Back in the days I tried an ECA stack which helped as it gave me a huge boost but it's illegal now due to a paticular substance in it but alternatives are available. They are bit of a fad nothing beats eating well and exercising, it takes time to achieve results just never give up.

    honestly i wouldnt start on ANY slimming pills !! iv tried different one s and they are either a total waste of money and do nothing or in one case i thought i was having a heart attack which turned out to sever anxiety brought on by the stupid pills!! just keep on doing what you are doing , sounds as if your doing really well anyway your probably worrying for no reason x good luck and keep at it x

    try the green tea with plenty's a bit gross, but u do get used to it. U should have 3 cups per day. Congrats on loosing all that weight...not easy...I know

    I lost 6 1/2 stone with reductil (prescribed) in a year. Unfortunately you can only stay on it for 12 months & afterwards I put most of it on over the following two years.
    Probably not what you want to here but "permanent" lifestyle change is the only way to do it.

    Animal Cuts

    Enough said.

    I've been using MaxiTone products in line with swimming and healthy eating, they come in tablets and shakes.

    Or there are herbal tablets available at Holland and Barratt which are completely natural (better than the taste of herbal tea lol) that are aimed at speeding up your metabolism. And everything there is buy one get one half price at the minute which is handy.
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