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Difference between 4g and wifi (samsung tab s) tablet?

Posted 13th Nov 2014

I'm interested in the Samsung tab S but I'm not quite sure to really understand the difference between wifi and 4g.

Also, as I don't have broadband at home I tether my mobile phone to my laptop (I'm on 4g and have unlimited data). So would be doing the same with the tablet. Would I be able to tether my mobile to a wifi tablet or does it need to be 4g? Most stores only stock the wifi model.

I'd be really grateful if anyone could advise.

Many thanks!
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4g is for sim and no wifi
You wouldn't be able to use wifi tablet n link your phone. To do this you'd need wifi in your home.

So 4g better for you, if you do not want to get wifi (broadband) at home. There's also a lot of wifi spots in public you cud use the tablet in if you choose wifi option.

4g models can be more expensive too which is something else to add in
Essentialy the WiFI model only has WiFi for reception whereas the 4G model also has a sim card slot which can accept cards up to 4G.However some devices are locked to one carrier and are sold with a data plan so check before purchase.
Basically your phone on 4g is creating a mobile hotspot that devices with wifi can connect to... so in essence your phone is outputting an SSID (wifi) that your tablet can connect to, the tablet itself only needs to have wifi to be able to connect to it.

So basically, yes, just buy the wifi only model unless you want to have a separate 4g sim that you put in your tablet to directly connect the tablet to the internet... but that will be more costly for the tablet and of course for the sim that you'll have to pay charges for.
Thanks so much everyone for your help! I've never had a tablet so wasn't quite sure. It now makes sense. I have a Samsung galaxy S4 but find the screen a little bit small. My Samsung laptop screen is broken so I need to connect it to a monitor to be able to use it. A Samsung tablet seems like a good (though quite pricey) option.

I won't go for the 4g model then. I'll keep an eye on the Samsung tab wifi deals.

Thanks again!
WiFi free , 4g cost £ note if youing untold.
WiFi- Home Internet (Through Modem)
4G- Mobile Network (Sim Card) Same As 3G
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