Difference between brain training/big brain academy?


    just bought a DS Lite from a fellow hukdealer, i wanted to know what the difference was between these two games and if they are any good-and is there a point in buying both games?? (the last game console i used was a gameboy when it first came out!:))



    Sod all really, but I've heard the Brain Training ones are better. IGN compile the ratings given by the press (Usually forty odd websites/magazines).... Brain Training gets a 7.9/10 average compared to Brain Academy 7.7/10.

    Wouldn't bother with both to be honest... go with the Brain Training one

    I have both, they have different puzzles. Brain Training is very popular and is more word and simple number based and has (the family favorite) drawing exercise. Academy is more on picture-based puzzles and I have to say hasn't been touched in months.

    I bought Brain Academy for my 7 year old son, after reading reviews on both.
    I would say that Brain Acadmey is aimed at the younger gamer hence more, pics and more fun.
    Whilst Brain Training is a little more serious, and perhaps best suited to the older gamer.
    Hope this helps somewhat

    From what I have read, brain training seems more serious.

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    Thanx for all the advice, i'll stick to the brain training game then :thumbsup:
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