Difference between Comparison Sites and Quotes through Quidco/TCB

Found 15th Aug 2017
I just had a quote for car insurance through a compasion site of £211. I had a look on Quidco and they were offering £35 cashback.
When I did the quote via Quidco, the premium was £269 and the excess was £100 more.
Is this just a scam (or misleading) between Quidco and the insurance company?
I feel cheated.
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Clear your cookies after getting each quote. It happens when you search for holidays also. The more you search the more the prices seem to increase.
policyexpert by any chance? Ive noticed they always do that, but its the balance of them not being able to give you money twice - the comparison site basically gets a chunk of the money you would have got from quidco and you get the other chunk as a "discount"
It happens with most insurances, a price for each comparison sites, one for cash back sites and one on their own, had their own sites be a couple of hundred more on a policy of less than £150 on the comparison sitesz before.
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