Difference between International and global Xiaomi roms

Posted 10th Sep 2017
Is there any significant difference here? I am considering the Xiaomi Mi 5X 64GB ROM 4G Phablet. I currently have Nexus 5x that is bootlooping
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Global ROM has the Band B20 800mhz.
I didn't think the ROM was the only reason that they don't have band 20, I thought it was hardware. Admittedly I have read up on the Note 4, so this model may be different; with the note 4, Global ROM or International version generally means that it has no band 20 but has a ROM with Google Play Store installed (by the seller in some cases, meaning that the box will be open). Global version means Band 20 support & a global ROM too.
This link explains everything.
I use China ROM on Mi 5 and have no issues but I had to install Google play services myself

They're the same thing just different names generally, the rom has nothing to do with the bands, that's the version (but not all Global versions have Band 20 so check the description. Generally 'Global' is the accepted term for the rom or version but some use international. Some sellers use a vendor rom, generally buggy (sometimes loaded with spyware/ads), no updates and google play rammed onto the Chinese rom, expect problems, most only do this now if there's no official global rom available.
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