Difference between Samsung 32" LE32R74BDX & Samsung 32" LE32R73BDX

Found 6th Dec 2006

I was wondering what the main differnce is between these 2 tv's? I am considering buying an LCD Shortly and like the Samsung TV's although i do quite like the Panasonic TX32LXD60 aswell.

Can anyone confirm which of these tv's is best or make a recommend one which is better?

Many thanks

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Not 100% sure, but I think the 74 has freeview, whereas the 73 may not. Could be wrong here though.

I'm at work just now, so don't have time to check properly, but you could either go to Samsung website, or to somewhere like pixmania or empire direct and do a comparison of both models.

Hope it helps.
I recommend the Panasonic, I have an older model which is excellent. I recommended Panny to a m8 last time there was a HUKD deal on one, and he agrees.

The picture quality on the Panasonics is much better than on the Samsung especially with darks colours and black.

If the panasonic is in your budget I would pay the extra.
The Panasonic is good, but doesn't have a PC input so check this is a feature you won't need should you go for it. The difference between the R73/4 is very minimal. Both have same contrast ratio, resolution, inputs, freeview. I think the difference is only down to the colour along the bottom of the casing. If you look at the 74 it is silver and the 73 is a dark purple. I have the 26" R73 and it seems really quite good. For the price you just can't argue.
I just seen the Currys deal and you are getting it for £557.10 inc Vat and Delivery which is a bargin. I think i will go for the Samsung as mainly using for Xbox 360 and SKY + so i think it will cope with that no problem at all.

I have read loads of reviews on the Samsung and one of my mates has it and the picture is pretty good all in all.

Hot Uk Deals is the best site i have found this year without a shadow of a doubt.

Mark c, I too was once confused but it seems that the only difference is that the LE32R73BDX is exclusively supplied to Currys and Dixons. There is a visible difference i.e. a blue strip at the bottom of the screen instead of the silver strip on the LE32R74BDX but the tech specs are identical. Both have freeview although the Currys and Dixons websites call this "Digital TV" which has caused some of the confusion.

...best bet is to ring up Currys and Dixons to confirm this info but I am pretty sure thats the deal.
the difference is only cosmetic. 73 has blue stripe, 74 has silver, and power button is different. that's it.

R7 - tv series
1/2/3/4 sub-style
B black/W white
D digital tuner
X online only sale from DSG?
I actually compared teh specs on both of them and coudl see no difference at all between them so i just went for it after visiting currys today and looking at the tv. The Blue Stripe looks quite smart actually as well.

I ordered online for £557.10 inc vat at del so that is pretty good in my opinion and the Samsung has a superb spec.

It arrives Monday so will let you know what i think of it.

MAny thanks to all for your help.

I have one of these sets , good set but sound is not great.
Yeah i have heard sound is not great but I will put it through my home cinema system which should improve the sound hopefully as it is good on my current tv through that system.

Cheers again,


How did you get the tv down so much i tried using the 10% code and the postage code but got it down to just £611.99

Was looking at the LG 32" but when i saw you got such a low price it looked very good.
Hi Zanic,

I used these codes on teh currys site:-

prfreedel 218711CFP BPPOD10
although it looks as if the CFP Code has expired now which is a blow.


Dam expired would have been good missed by a whistle
Does this TV have the gloss black finish or the matt black.
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