Difference between the amount of space Halo 1-4 on disc will take compared to download?

Found 24th Dec 2016
What would be the approximate difference between the amount of space Halo 1-4 on disc will take compared to download on a console? Is it substantial or is the main difference the different times each might take to download? Thanks very much.


its not clear what your asking. assuming your talking about master chief collection on xbox one. That has had substantial patches and fixes since last. the downloaded version is way bigger. however i dont know if you can play if from disc with out the updates anyway

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yes I am talking about that - we are trying to work out whether to buy the disc or code - code much cheaper but want to now if it will take up significantly more space then the disc will in terms of storage on the box. Thanks.

Doesn't it install to the hard drive from the disk anyway? Meaning it would take the same space.

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Think it's around 30GB for disc updates and around 60GB for download version (I have downloaded version)

The same whether its digital or on disc as you need to install the disc anyway

Both versions will be the same size.

I believe most if not all xbox one games don't install off the disc at all. put the disc in and it simply downloads the game. that's why it takes so long to install.
the question really is. get the disc which you can resell or get digital which is so much more convenient

I vote digital 100% of the time
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