Difference between two 9KG Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machines?

Posted 19th Mar 2016

I'm looking to buy a 9KG Samsung Ecobuble Washing Machine in Graphite after reading lots of review and seeing deals posted here.

Currys have the 9KG WF90F5E5U4X model for £399:

John Lewis have the 9KG WW90J6410CX model for £549:

They also have an 8KG WF80F5E5U4X model for £399:

I've bought anumber of large items from John Lewis before and have had mainly positive experiences. I would need a 9KG drum size and it's unfortunate that the John Lewis 9KG is £549. I would definitely prefer to buy from John Lewis over Currys if prices were equal. I have some questions:

What is the difference between the two 9KG models?
Is there a huge difference between the 8KG and 9KG drum size?
What is the service like from Currys, if there was a problem in the first couple of years, would it lie with Currys or Samsung to fix?

Any helps is appreciated.

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Your contract is always with the seller/retailer - never the manufacturer.
I think John Lewis do a price match. May be worth ringing them to see. Personal experience with follow up with Currys has been appalling. Not much difference between 8kg and 9kg - a couple of shirts. Also will the bigger load fit in the dryer - need a 9kg drum to go with the washer!! X
Thanks for the replies so far.

I have sent an email to John Lewis customer service for price offer. Let's see what they say. I'm not to keen on the though of having to go through currys for after service.
My current machine is 9kg. I tend to take washed clothes to local laundrette to dry.
from what I can tell the John lewis is a newer model but you'd really have to check the specs to know the exact differences. also the John lewis one has smart diagnostic which means you can download the samsung app on your phone and then if there's a fault you can just point your phone at the display and it tells you what's wrong. or at least that's how I've understood it. although I wouldn't pay a few hundred extra just for that.
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