Difference in these two Shark vacuums?

Posted 22nd Nov
Hi guys,

I am looking to get a vacuum cleaner powerful enough to get through pet hair with carpets in the house.

I found these two on deals at Argos:

but I am not sure if there is a difference in power with them?
I do not need cordless or vacuum that bends in half, as long as it is same power I am good to save 100 quid.

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Hello I couldn’t tell you the difference between the two but what I can say is that the upright Hoover is the best hoover I’ve had in years I recently sold my Dyson DC 39 to be replaced by the upright the amount of dust that are collected from my carpet is on real I now have a bounceback on my carpet no hairs and the house feels so much cleaner
I don't what the difference is either, have just tried to look it up but no luck. You're definitely paying more for the cordless element. I've heard nothing but good things on the anti hair wrap one though and if you're not bothered on the cordless aspect of it, i'd be inclined to go with the cheaper one.
For pet the corded one will be better....
Just check YouTube channel vacuum wars
I have an upright powered lift away duo clean and that’s brilliant. It came with the pet attachment and being able to take the main unit off for cleaning stairs/car makes it so much easier. I would try and go for the powered one as it sort of makes using it easier. It’s difficult to describe but it pulls itself along the carpet, so not as much force needed when hoovering. We have 3 children and 2 cats and it’s been amazing! Almost a year old and still going strong
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