Differences in HDMI?

    I am looking at connecting my computer to the TV via HDMI but am confused as to what pin configuration i should buy. Any help is appreciated


    If there is a hdmi output on the computer any hdmi cable will do. If not and you have DVI then get a DVI to HDMI cable...

    Most graphics cards now come with an adapter so you can use a normal hdmi cable rather than a DVI to HDMI cable.

    Youve posted this in the wrong section (_;)

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    Rgr, i was just reading different ones with 19 pins etc and didnt know if it was compatable. Cheers for that


    Damn. Went to order but all gone now.

    Thanks for posting.



    When you come to buy the HDMI cable you don't need to spend much.

    I have several of these.…8-1

    HDMI is a digital technology so I think almost any HDMI cable will do the job.
    However, you can get different sizes.
    My camcorder uses mini-HDMI but even these cables are cheap.
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