Different amounts showing on itunes account on laptop and iphone?

    Well this has stumped me.
    My son has tonight redeemed an itunes card on my laptop and account is showing just the £15 he put in.
    However I have just looked at my iphone and it is showing a credit of £7.
    How does that happen? I am wondering if somehow there are two itunes accounts with the same password and apple ID. When we set the account up some years ago we weren't very used to this sort of thing and may have made a mistake. My iphone is definitely synced with my laptop.
    Should I speak to them or is there a logical reason that is escaping me?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Sorry I may be answering my own question here, can someone answer me. Could it be that my iphone only says the amount it was when i last connected and synced to itunes which was a few weeks ago. In that time we may have spent the £7 and when i sync next it will just show the £15.
    Does the phone not show the real account amount?

    Further to this i have just checked my sons ipod and it is showing the £15. So whats going on with my iphone. Completely confused.

    If you download a free app it should sort itself out as it reconnects to the app store as such...

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    Thanks tomwatts
    Looked this morning and it has sorted out. I don't often connect so I presume that was the reason. Will do as you suggest if I have this happen again. Appreciate your help.
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