diffusers/humidifiers and asthma

    Anybody used a diffuser/humidifier and found it beneficial for their asthma ?


    I don't have asthma but use to ease allergy symptoms, very good for that ...

    I have a diffuser in my daughters bedroom. I find it very helpful for couple of things. Firstly it's great when she has a cold/bad chest because it keeps a bit of moisture in the air especially when you have the heating on . I add snufflebabe vapour oil to help keep her nose clear and loosen the congestion in her chest, she can actually get some sleep instead of Barking and wheezing all night. Secondly she's like the duracell bunny at bedtime, so I run it with lavender essential oil to calm things down. *****If you are new to essential oils please please please do some research first, especially if you are going to use them for kids. Some are harmful and must be used correctly *****

    My friend got an air purifier and it helps her a lot.

    The only one I can think of is the Dyson pure that is on special offer at the moment 'buy one get a £250 fan free'.

    Problem is it costs £400+ for the purifying fan!
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    The ones that are called 'pure' have the air purifiying properties.…610

    The comments say if you phone up you can get another £40 off.

    Apparently the app continually monitors the air quality and turns on the purifier when necessary.

    If I win the lottery I'd like one X)
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