Digicam - coloured body

    Does anyone know any good deals to be had on a basic digicam (7-8mp, but not critical) mid sized, mid zoom (3x+) but...

    It has to come in different colours (IE NOT silver).

    My wife LOVED her Olympus Mju 760, which came in a bright blue colour, it meant she could always track it at family meals out / events knowing which one was hers.

    It's a tiny thing I know, but she really appreciated that aspect, so I'd want to replicate that on her next one...

    I like the look of the boots offer on the FE350, pity it's only in silver. Oh and on the colour front, not pink (sorry).

    Rep for any good info



    £89.99 at ]PLAY

    (had to be done)

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    I don't know Damnome, couldn't you find a pinker one? :-)

    You could try the Fujifilm shop as they have lots of refurbished models from about £50 upwards, lots of bright colours! :o)…all

    Edit: just realised the cheaper ones are gone, but you can still get the Z20fd for just over £70 delivered if that's of any use?

    Well, you did say a coloured one!
    £119.24 including delivery (if you change delivery option to 5 days), Olympus Mju1040 here…344
    It is online for less elsewhere but I wouldn't trust the supplier to actually have any and/or return your money promptly when they fail to send the goods!
    10MP, 3x optical zoom, metal body, face detection, 2.7" LCD, xD and microSD card compatible,

    Or, if blue is more appropriate then for £90.71 including delivery here…spx the Panasonic FS3


    8.1MP, 3x optical zoom, optical image stabiliser, SD/SDHC/MMC card compatible and receiver of a Which? best buy last December.

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    I like the lumix one!

    S'pretty snazzy! Good price too, will check out reviews.

    Thanks for the fuji link too...

    Rep to both of you
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