Digital aerail, sky card or freeview box.

Posted 15th Oct
Just recently moved house that has an old analogue aerial in the loft. Also has a sky dish and onld sky ud box but no card or remote. I have a bt vision box but picture due to analouge aerial.
No interest in pay channels but used to sky layout but wife hates things that are in sight (sky box)
What are my best options here. New sky card and remote are about £35.(which i grudge paying for 2 bits of equipment.
New aerial is about £20-£25 and freesat boxes start from £30.
Bt box and freesat boxes seem to be smaller in size as well.

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Does you're TV have a freesat port? certainly worth checking first.

Other than that a new aerial would be your best bet if your wife doesn't want a set top box.
If you have an aerial in the loft it can be easily be swapped with one from screwfix or amazon for around £10-20

If you want to use sky then look on gumtree people often sell old boxes for a tenner but keep in mind if dish is out of alignment you wont get a signal.
"analogue aerial"? The aerial is dumb and doesn't know the difference between analogue and digital. There's a couple if critical words missing from your phrasing but the dumb aerial may be fine for a significantly more advanced / sensitive device than the antique BT Vision box. The BT/Humax twin-tuner FV boxes are highly respected and cost less than £40 Inc 2yr warranty, with benefit of recording, example…00b . May be worth a punt.
Yup, all aerials are analogue devices. 'Digital aerial' was used meaningfully in a few areas of the country where the switchover resulted in TV being broadcast on substantially different frequencies but using the term in a national context is dodgy marketing and I'd avoid the sellers that do.

If you suspect the aerial is for the wrong frequency (impossible for us to tell without knowing the transmitter you're receiving from) and everything else works fine then the simplest solution if it's in the loft is to swap it for an appropriate one.
Disappointed in this thread you got my hopes up

I recently bought -…515
for £17. Checked all the neighbouring houses to see which way their ariels were pointed, set it up and tied it up with some tie wraps in the loft and it works fine.
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