hiya has anybody had a digital arial fitted recently how much do these cost about ?? does any 1 recommend a company ???


    I assume that you mean Digital Aerial, there is actually no such thing as a digital aerial, a TV Aerial is what you need.

    The size and type required is dependent on your location.

    You will be looking from £70 to £hundreds if a cowboy comes around

    get one from maplins from £35, then just put it up in the loft and move it till you get a good picture, its simple

    Freeview site says around £80 (and that there is no such thing as a digital aerial)…ial

    and that only a small number of houses need a new aerial to get digital signal. They also have links to a couple of sites which list reliable installers.

    Got someone out of the paper to fit me an Aerial for £25.00

    If you are a single level house then it will be cheaper but if you have an upstairs or live in a flat, then the price you will get qouted ranges from £150 to £300 depending if they need all manner of equipment to get it up there.

    We got quoted about £180 for a new aerial, enough boosters to pick up a signal from a transmitter in oxford (our local one is trash). This included 2 points, 1 down stairs and one up stairs.

    We had other estimates from £70 to £400, but without them coming out to test the signal, etc you won't get the best quote.
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