Digital Camera.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking to treat myself to a Digital Camera for xmas and for going on holiday aswell.

    100 Pounds would probarly be my limit, I'll buy Memory cards on the side.. I seen these two camera's from a quick look this morning..I'm wondering what camera do you think is better? I dont really know myself with specs on camera's and dont want to make a mess of it again like the last one. The Casio Exilim or The Fujifilm FinePix?…spx…111

    The Casio Exilim is standing out more to me as it's light and slim + It's black....

    Could you guys find me the best deal on the Casio Exilim Z75 Camera or Even find me better Camera for the price range!

    Thanks, Much Appreciated.


    Original Poster

    Thanks for the welcome, Great website..

    Nice Find, I'm guessing this is a good one then :P, Only thing though It doesn't have a view finder only the LCD Screen? If only it was in black haha!


    Would recommend Fuji, Canon or Panasonic over Casio (Watchmaker) anyday.

    Some great deals on the Fuji Fxx range at the moment.


    Recommend the Kodaks for ease of use, I have the c703 7.1mp, 3x Zoom.…id=

    For collect in your local store only
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