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    How do! Just looking for some recommendations/opinions on digital cameras.

    Buying for my girlfriend for Christmas, looking primarily for a 'point and shoot' camera that fits easily into a purse/pocket.

    Got a max. budget of £130 - looking for one around the 6/7 megapixel mark as have heard anything over that is a bit poor.

    Have looked at a few of the Casio's and Sony cameras but just wanted to see what people have got or like.


    looking for one around the 6/7 megapixel mark as have heard anything over … looking for one around the 6/7 megapixel mark as have heard anything over that is a bit poor

    Heard from where??? The bigger in mp the picture then (generally) the better the picture. What defines the quality is the camera make. I have a Casio 10mp & it's absolutely fantastic.

    What are you planning to do with regard to printing the photos? If you are only going to print standard size prints then a 2mp camera is more than adequate. You only need a better spec camera if you are into serious picture taking or intend to print out large prints (e.g. my 10mp camera will allow me to print out poster-size photos with no loss of quality).

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    well, the biggest prints will be the standard 6x4 really, maybe the occasional A4 print.

    Can't remember where I read it (gone through so many reviews over the last couple of days) but they were saying that whilst the megapixel's where high in numbers the rest of the features produced poor shots i.e. over exposed, blurred, etc. More empthasis on megapixel than overall quality of picture

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    For ease of use and good features for a great price,I like the Panasonic range of cameras.They also have the leica lens,so definitely worth a look.

    Maybe something like this ]http//ww…g=2 £99.95 delivered.
    Review here ]http//ww…cfm

    You can also get the 7mp version(FX12) for the same price ]http//ww… review yet but should be similar in performance I should imagine.

    There was a digital camera test on The Gadget Show (which I don't normally watch) over the weekend. Two of the cameras looked excellent and were both around your price range.

    Ahh.. found them:
    [SIZE=-1]Pentax Optio W30
    Olympus [/SIZE][SIZE=-1]MJU 770SW

    They claimed £165 for the Olympus and £149 for the Pentax.

    The only thing is that they were testing them to destruction, so I suppose there are cameras that produce slightly better images but aren't as robust - Prob worth a look though.


    Just got this today from Argos. It is 6MP and gets good reviews. It was £64.99 with a £5 voucher back. It is £99.99 in a lot of other places like Jessops....


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    cheers, will check them all out, many thanks
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