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    I am looking for a Digital camera for under £100 best deal possible as i don't know what to look for in a cam i thought i would ask on here.Would like 7MP + if possible. Also i have been looking at some and noticed 2 different types of screen TFT and some like glass type (Don't know what it is called) i would prefer the glass type as i think this stops the glare. Good optical zoom would be nice too. Prefer highstreet but online is ok.


    this has got to be a good option at £68.88…706

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    Thanks for the link. I have just taken a look at the link you posted and searched for a few reviews and although it does sound like a good camera especially at that price it does get some poor reviews. So i am still looking for something different:)

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    Thanks for the links muckypup

    Although they do look good cams they don't get the greatest of reviews.
    I have been looking at a lot of cams and reviews and i think that i have decided to go for the ]Fujifilm FinePix F45fd Blue 8MP @ £99.99

    Hi bought this one last week…spx

    £6 more than your budget

    Always Fuji F20/F30/F31 at the £100 mark

    SAMSUNG L730 BLACK £69 at seen on tv

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    @ mikeyw

    Can't find any at that price.


    Can't seem to find any reviews of that cam although it does look like a good price.
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