Digital Camera £150-£200

    Hi guys im looking to buy a digital camera, :thumbsup: ...

    Can any1 recomend a good quality one or where its possible to see comparisons and which one's are best...

    Thanks a loy guys...



    This is a good website and has good links for decent prices. The buyers guide will give you an idea of what sort of camera you want, so many to choose from.

    I've just bought this one and it's FANTASTIC, best one I've ever had....
    Canon defo make the best compact digital cameras.




    Original Poster

    Nice one guys, thats a top site and thanks for the idea with the Canon.

    I do have a soft spot for the Casio Exilim's... But that Canon does look pretty good.

    Any1 elses feedback would be great... Thanks :thumbsup:

    I'm a fan of the ]Casio EX-S600. Super slim, and records movie's in DIVX so you can get an entire hour of high quality video on a 1GB card, compared to the 10mins of most other cams.


    I just bought the Sony DSC T9. £191.90 from Amazon. Its an ultra compact camera, bought it as has minimal shutter lag for taking pics of the hyperactive kids. Also great reviews.
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