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Found 18th Jul 2007

Im after a digital camera for a present Ive checked out the forum and plenty round the £100 mark and some good deals but not wanting to spend that much really!:thumbsup:

Not bothered about the brand etc but would ideally like something quite small so it can be taken out on nights out etc and although obviously want decent quality Im not expecting anything too amazing for this kind of money!

Thanks a lot.:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Boots are doing the Kodak C633 camera for £49.99 instore. It's a fair-quality 6 mega pixel camera, which is reasonably small and easy to use.

In fact, Boots are doing alot of Summer clearance item cameras for around this price. You should go visit, take a list of what they have cheap and then google to find the best one.

Hope it helps.
I've just bought one of these myself


£90 worth of camera for under £55
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