Digital Camera £50 mark

    Looking for a digital camera for my old man. Looking to spend around £50.

    Its got to be ease of use.
    Point and shoot pretty much.
    Has to have rechargeable battery.
    Ovbiously not bothered about millions of megapixels as I believe anything over 5M will be pretty much waste of time for any 6x4" prints or viewing on his computer.

    All colours considered apart from pink...



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    What about this … What about this one?

    Decent camera, not too sure about the full refurb malarky though. Guess it should be fine as it comes with 12 month warranty, but might not come with original packaging etc it says.
    Doesn`t say anything anout the chances of cosmetic blemished either. Don`t think its ideal for handing over as a B`day present, but its tempting for the spec I guess.

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    kareandy i would have this but dont need another

    Just what I`m looking for but none within 97 miles of me I`m afraid.

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    Cybershot DSC-S2000 @ &srcid=369&xtor=AL-1]Currys. Reviews: … Cybershot DSC-S2000 @ &srcid=369&xtor=AL-1]Currys. Reviews:,147/

    This runs on AA batteries does it not...?
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