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    Looking for a cheap but good quality digital camera (10 mp and +) - with a budget of around £100. I have these in mind so far and would like some opinions and suggestions, rep will be given to helpers

    Canon Powershot A480 10MP with a printer: £100…ark

    Alba A100 10MP - £47…htm

    Alba SL1230 12MP £70…htm

    Hitachi HCD-1097E 10MP - £86…htm

    I'm leaning more towards the canon and the hitachi, thank you in advance for the help


    The canon powershot hands down.
    Its a really good camera with good picture quality.
    Better than the rest you have mentioned!!

    the canon A1100 can be picked up for under 100

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    Thank you guys, going to check that sony camera out and then make a decision - repped!

    Stick to a decent brand such as Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji etc. (NOT Alba, Hitachi or any of the supermarket own brands) When you've narrowed it down a bit you could always go to Jessops and have a look at your chosen cameras to get some idea of the feel of them. Also consider whether you want to use a custon Li-ion rechargeable battery (smaller camera, better flash recharge times, often more photos per charge) or AA batteries (can buy alkaline batteries in an emergency, but you have to budget for some decent rechargeables and a charger) Personally I've always had AA Canon cameras and thins they're brilliant.

    Bottom line is that if you get a decent brand camera for £100 then you should get decent results.
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