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Found 25th Jan 2010
Hiya, son has just broke our digital camera (kodak M753, 7mega pixel). Seen as its broke, might aswell buy upgrade instead of buying same camera. Anyone know of a good digital camera, which takes decent pics? Can only spend around £100, so hoping theres a good one in the sale somewhere??
Cheers Lynsey
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This is a great little camera and well priced with a free memory card


What sort of camera are you after, answer a few questions and it'll make it easier for people to help you find the camera you want instead of what they think is best for you: -

1. Do you have a preferance for AA batteries or built in Li-ion battery?
If AA then you'll have to budget for some decent rechargeable AA's and a charger (unless you already have them). The advantage of AA's is that if you ever run out of power you can pop into just about any shop and pick up some alkaline AA's to keep you going. Li-ion powered cameras tend to be a bit more compact and generally have a better flash recharge time.

2. Do you want an optical viewfinder aswell as a screen?
Some people still like the old fashioned optical viewfinder - especially in bright sunlight. Also, if you are running out of power, you can turn off the screen and just use the viewfinder to save power. Again, if you have a viewfinder then the camera is likely to be a bit more bulky.

3. How big do you want the zoom?
Most consumer compact camera have a 3x or 4x zoom, but you may be able to stretch to a camera with a bigger zoom if you think you might like that.

4. Do you want a bit more creative control, or simple point and shoot?
Some camera's will allow you more control over your photo's whereas others will do everything for you automatically.

5. Would you buy a refurbished camera?
There are a few websites where you can get factory refurbished cameras which still come with a decent warranty for a decent price - more camera for your cash. Canon Outlet on eBay, Fuji shop online...

I'm sure there are other things to consider, but answering these questions may help to make sure you get what you want. There will certainly be a decent camera around for £100.
have reserved this one, good reviews and on good offer.

http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/5592386/c_1/1|category_root|Photography|14419436/c_2/3|cat_15701379|Digital+cameras+and+packages|14419441.htm have reserved this one, good reviews and on good offer.

Good price and good feedback.


check that out.......nice

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