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Found 4th Aug 2006
Hi anyone know of a good digital camera between £100-£200.

Looked at the deal posted for the fuji a500 but the reveiws wernt that good for it. I like to take pictures but only of the kids on holiday so it doesnt need to be full of different things to use.

thanks Lisa
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The canon ixus 60 got excellent reviews. I know a few members on here bought it, maybe they can tell us what it's like??

I'll check prices for it in a tick...
It's £189 @ [COLOR=blue]Amazon[/COLOR]

and that comes with a free Lowepro case as well..
The Canon Ixus i Zoom is £170.50 from Amazon.
My wife bought one last year and it's a great camera. Very small and easy to use. 5Mp and takes great piccies. Since buying it my Sony DSC-P92 has been gathering dust on the shelf in the spare bedroom!
try ]cameras.co.uk loads of reviews for all types of digital cameras, just bought a canon A610 probably a few to many options for your type of use, so a straightforward point and shoot would be best.
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