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    My fiance and I are off on holiday soon and have had our eyes out on HUKD and elsewhere for a reasonably priced but good digital camera.

    We are looking for something which takes a good picture, is reasonably easy to use, takes additional storage (through SD or microSD, I'm not too hot on this subject, but we want to be able to take quite a few) and isn't too bulky.

    I would consider getting a larger, better camera, but I think this may really be out of our budget.

    I've been recommended Canon and Sony (with the Carl Zeiss lens) as the ones to go for, but there is quite a lot of contrasting information out there. I've been told that with smaller cameras, anything over about 8megapixel is a bit pointless, since the actual picture quality doesn't get any better.

    I'm looking for some advice really and hopefully some pointers towards a decent deal.

    I need the camera within a week really.

    Thanks very much in advance.



    Whats your budget like? I would go for Canon or Nikon if going for DSLR, but point and shoot there are other good cameras as well that can fit any budget.

    As for 8megapixel comment, I would strongly disagree with that speaking from personal point of view. More megapixel may not increase image quality BUT it does give you an option to crop an image to your liking. Go to Jessops/PC World etc and have a play around with cameras they have on display.

    Also, every camera will take SD card, or compact flash cards.

    Check any cameras you're interested in on either ]Steve's Digicams, ]Trusted Reviews and other review websites where they do a real hands-on review of it and don't just give you the marketing stuff from the company. You can get surprisingly good images from some of the budget cameras around!

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    Thanks for this. Apologies for my lack of understanding. Must be a bit frustrating.

    I just spotted this in the deals section (just been posted I think) - I wondered if it might be suitable. May have a wander down to the shops this lunchtime and so if I can find one in store anywhere to have a look at.

    reserve one if you don't like it don't have it
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